Where Do I Find What

Searching the Internet can be a daunting experience. Given the size and complexity of the 'net, it would be next to impossible to find what you need. That's why these search engines were created so it will do the looking for you!

* * * * * * * DO NOT USE e-mail addresses as a way to do mass mailings. * * * * * * *

If you do, your mail box will be bombarded with mail that this is not done on the Internet. There is a chance that you will lose your account with your Internet Service Provider and that you may get sued for loss of business if the site is shut down because of mass mailings.

Last Updated: April 20, 1998

Downloadable Software

Almost all the software you'll need for the internet and then some.

This web site is called The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software. This place is the place to get your free software. This is a higly reputable site with lots of goodies. We have set the address to the nearest location. (in Hawaii of course) If you find the site down try www.tucows.com Have fun!!


Search Sites

Alta VistaCan't find something? Start here.

EINet Galaxy Informational server. Listings are by topic.

Excite Search One of the top search engines.

Four 11 Online User Directory First, enter your email address, then you can search the database that lists over 1.1 million email addresses.

Global Online Directory Another business search. Directory of companies with a web presence (UK Site).

Gopher Jewels This page lists other Gopher sites. From here you can go anywhere.

HRT Hawaii Research & Technology search engine and links to High Tech Company's.

Lycos This search engine has over 3 million link descriptors.

JumpStation This search looks for Web presence by title or header (UK Site).

National Center for Science Information Systems (NACSIS) This site is a repository of scholarly information (Japan Site).

NCSA What's New This page lists the newest web sites out there.

Open Market's Commercial Sites Index Database of commercial web presence. Uses boolean search method.

Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists A compilation of mailing lists you can join.

Starting PointA list of many popular web sites.

W3 Catalog Web site search (Austria Site).

Web Crawler Web search, not only title and headers, but contents as well.

Amazing Environmental Web DirectoryEnvironmental Search Engine

World Wide Yellow Pages Address, Phone numbers and links around the world.

WWW Virtual Library A web database. Listings are by subject.

WWW Worm Web search with different search options.

X.500 Email Address Searcher Database of email addresses around the world.

Yahoo Server The popular subject-oriented search engine.