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"Venus on Prozac" is a mystery - comedy noir - psychological thriller about impossible relationships.

A psychiatrist suspects that she has a multiple personality, and that one of her alters is involved in a series of senseless murders. But nothing is as it seems. The real murderer is determined to drive the psychiatrist insane and frame her. Ingenious, above suspicion, he snares the psychiatrist with his charm, and slowly infects her life with his dark scorpion love.

The psychiatrist has a group of patients lost in the bizarre world of their crazy relationships (based on the records of real patients). The "Prozac" group includes a woman who tastes colors and sounds, a man with a Picasso-like ability to translate faces into cubic figures, a woman in love with a dream, a multiple personality with seven international alters, and others.

Xanya Sazz has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and degrees in Literature and Music. She studied and practiced psychology in London, Cambridge, and New York. She has written three novels, "Marital Combat" -- a psychological mystery, "Venus on Prozac," and "Death by Marriage" --a science fiction - comedy - thriller.


--Kate Elton, Random House

"Venus on Prozac is a highly original lively story peopled by the most wonderfully extraordinary, vivid characters. It's a facinating book both fun and serious."


"Venus on Prozac" is the first electronic psychological thriller in the internet.
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